Job Fair

Job Fair
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This comic would probably be more appropriately titled “Bad Idea Clearinghouse.” Most of these shitty premises have been haunting my notebook for months. They’ve greatly reduced my productivity as I desperately tried to turn them into something decent. I decided to lump most of them all into one comic and stick them under some barely unifying theme, just to be done with them.

If this was China, and my bad ideas were girls, I could leave them on the side of a mountain instead of doing a shitty cartoon.

I know some manufacturing engineer out there is just dying to inform me that dildos are made by injection molding, not hand crafted on lathes. He or she would be right.

Next week we search for the elusive source of conventional wisdom.

4 thoughts on “Job Fair”

  1. It’s brilliant! You’re comics are some of the absolute funniest around. I’ve been reading your strip for years and can never figure out why your stuff isn’t more famous than what it is. I think you have a great knack for posture and mannerisms too, this is hilarious stuff! OH YEAH!

  2. Thanks Brentos. Although initially suspicious of your compliments, I found no links to gambling or male enhancement sites in your comments, so I’ll have to assume you’re a real person who has nice things to say. That makes you rarer than a horny panda bear.

    P.S. Good news on the “My stuff should be more famous” front is on the way.

  3. amazing!
    just one question is all, being a mainer (close to your neck of the woods) i seem to recognize the annoying bob of bob’s discount. is this correct? if you can answer without infringment.

  4. Indeed it is him. That asshole’s all the way up in Maine too? He needs to be stopped. I believe he symbolizes all that is wrong with people.

    However, I’m strangely fascinated with Dollar Bill’s Discount World infomercial/surreal warehouse scavenger hunt that airs on some random New Hampshire station.

    Ancient readers of the comic will know I ragged on Bob before. I hate him so much.

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