The Search for Conventional Wisdom

Conventional Wisdom
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Despite the objections of every sane and freedom loving person (The Democrats are not included, on account of them being pussies*), Alito will be confirmed. The point of this cartoon isn’t that I don’t think it will happen. My problem is with the media citing “conventional wisdom.” Whenever they use that phrase, it’s usually just a way of regurgitating some bullshit opinion that has been repeated to death lower on the media food chain.

In hindsight, I should’ve focussed on the “Bush is a popular war president,” conventional wisdom that still gets tossed around, despite Bush’s meager 41% approval in a Fox News poll. The fact that people in the media can still say that and not laugh out loud is proof that some sort of cognitive dissonance is going on in the minds of journalists. Or maybe their source of conventional wisdom is just different from mine. FYI, I get my conventional wisdom from facts.

*From now on, whenever I use the word “pussy,” I’m using it in its original Nigel Pussington context.

4 thoughts on “The Search for Conventional Wisdom”

  1. Even though I’m a republican (albeit i don’t always agree with Bush…he’s a little out there for me), I laughed at this one. An excellent comic.

    I make a motion for something regarding rampant corruption in a comic.

  2. Thanks Steven. I’m not sure why wordpress held your comment up for moderation. I swear it’s not a plot against Republicans.

    I should’ve pointed out that this cartoon could just as easily cover unfounded democratic memes, like “Hillary’s a shoe in for ’08.” They’re just rarer on account of no one listening to them.

    I do have some corruption ideas ruminating. I’ll get them in a cartoon as soon as I can weed out the shrill ones.

  3. Brian, I love you.
    You know, kinda like how mothers love sons. The where-you-want-to-tell-everybody, “hey, look what my kid did, isn’t he the most brilliant kid ever? Way better than YOUR kid,” kind-of-love. Also the kind of “your stuff should be more famous” love cited earlier. Anyways… you make me proud, boy!

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