The Unitary Executive

The Unitary Executive
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Proponents of a unitary executive are some evil motherfuckers. They believe that the same corporate hierarchical structures that gave us Enron, Worldcom, and Chicken Fries should be applied to our government. Not all of them believe everything the President does should be above the law, but all of them agree that the executive branch of government should be the most powerful and that the president has absolute authority over every government agency.

I already talked specifically about the wiretapping, so I won’t bother repeating any of that. Those in favor of the unitary executive aren’t doing it to make fighting terrorism more efficient. It’s just an excuse. They’re simply trying to concentrate power.

This is America, not some shady war-torn nation that needs a strong-armed despot at the top to keep things under control. Anyone who’s willing to give the President the authority to gag the EPA because they’re scared of terrorists is a bigger threat to democracy than any dirty bomb ever could be.

The tepid Democratic response is also infuriating. Their measured and politically cautious approach only helps the media frame the wiretapping as just another partisan squabble, not the shameless power grab that threatens to undermine the authority of the legislature and judiciary that it is.

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  1. I saw this in the Free Times. It really good man, no shit. It’s one of those “I really wish I would have thought of that, Brian is better than me, I suck, I’m going to fight him” kind of comics. You know what I mean?

  2. Thanks guys. For someone who was never into comic books, I think I’ve done way too many superhero parodies.

    Matt, please don’t fight me. I am weak and doughy. Plus you’ve done plenty of comics that fill me with furious envy.

  3. I upgraded to wordpress 2.0.1 and it still held your comments for moderation. I do not know what the dilly is at all.

    I say damn the kids. Those no good ruffians should speak English. Acronyms are for shiftless layabouts.

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