Long Live Conelandia!

I admit to being one of the people who thought Conan was doing the Finland bit a little too frequently*, but this made my day. We’re just a few years away from the day when we can enjoy Conan without accidentally seeing Jay Leno say goodnight.

In other entertainment news, I believe I’ve somehow become part of the gay demographic. I’m addicted to Project Runway and that Kathy Griffin reality show.

*It’s still better than Celebrity Quizzes.

5 thoughts on “Long Live Conelandia!”

  1. When does Leno finally get axed? I’ve been hearing about it for years and am just waiting.

    Hell I’d just watch conan’s show for the theme.

  2. In fall 2004, NBC announced Conan would be taking over Late Night in 2009. I think the early announcement had something to do with keeping Conan from jumping to another network.

    Holy crap, I just realized I’ll be 30 when that happens. That is more discouraging than knowing people who were born after The Simpsons aired.

  3. Ah, but do you watch American Idol? It’s ueber-gay. Only us ‘made’ men (& women) in teh gay mafia appreciate it for what it is.

    Which is shite.

  4. i had managed to block Project Runway from my mind, since I don’t have cable and can’t watch it anymore. oh well

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