Journal of Specious Medicine

journal of specious medicine
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This cartoon is just a bunch of dumb medicine jokes. I did the same thing almost two years ago. I spent most of last week trying to put together another political strip, but nothing worked out. If the White House let people know Cheney shot a man in a more timely fashion, I’d have had time to put something together for my Monday deadline.

The three of you who are familiar with stuff I’ve done outside of the comic will know Lazy Eyes is my preferred go-to punchline disease. I had space to fill and am not above stealing from myself.

I don’t think any of the panels deserve any commentary. I just hope the football one makes sense. It’s hilarious in my head, but I fear most people won’t see the humor in Hank Williams Jr. dancing around a stroke victim singing, “Are you ready for some football?”

Next week, something political that has nothing to do with shooting a man in the face.

6 thoughts on “Journal of Specious Medicine”

  1. nice comic I actually referenced that song too in my last comic, strangely considering my adveresness to sports.
    here’s a drawing I did in my sketchbook based upon having doodling a teardrop shape that looked “bigfatwhaleish”

    it should definitly have a “Now with 20% more blubber” tag

  2. Esquivelant! I may do something with the whale for BFW’s 5th birthday this October. Stay tuned, the three of you who know what Jean-Paul’s drawing is about.

    Also, bigfatwhaleish will be the new truthiness.

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