Ahoy Confused Girls!

Ever since I removed the disclaimer that explicitly stated I am not this (Warning: Shitty music will play automatically!) Brian McFadden, the confused emails have been trickling in. It was funny two years ago, but now it’s just annoying.

I took down the disclaimer because no one here in America has heard of Westlife. And anyone in the UK or Ireland of normal intelligence can immediately tell I’m American, on account of all the complaining about American politics and pop culture, not to mention this site’s lack of superfluous Us. However, that still leaves plenty of dim people who believe an Irish pop musician started a random American comic strip.

That rather long preamble was just a way to point out this hilarious discussion I found in my referrer logs this morning. To their credit, most seem aware that we are two different people.

So please, before you ask if I’m that Brian McFadden, ask yourself if you really believe some half-wit preening boy bander would really give a shit about American politics or waste his time drawing a comic strip instead of rolling around in his piles of money.

Of course, things could be worse. My parents could’ve chosen to name me Ashlee Simpson.

My sympathies go to everyone who suffers the indignity of sharing a name with two talentless hacks.

7 thoughts on “Ahoy Confused Girls!”

  1. Nah, they’re not very entertaining. They usually consist of:

    Are you the guy from Westlife?,
    I’m confused, or
    Why did you break up with so and so?

    Pretty boring stuff. I think there’d be funnier emails if I had a clickable email address on the site. You’d be amazed at how effective an [at] instead of an @ is at weeding out emails from the truly nonfunctional retardeds.

    My replies aren’t very funny either. Believe it or not, I’m actually polite to them individually.

  2. i came across your site from the Irish Brian McFadden site… and man… i have NEVER laughed so much in my whole life. You’re funny as!! I wanna read everything but I don’t have time.. dammit… but i love your cartoons and i love your blogs!! you’re one funny dude!!!

    (and yeah i’ll prolly get canned by the other Brian’s fans for saying all this but…. meh! i think ur funny!)


  3. Blake – Oh no, she hurt my feelings! I’m now actually more concerned with being confused with some American Brian McFadden who does stand up. I have no idea who he is, but some people googling him have wound up here.

    princess_me – Thanks! I should add that I’m sure 99% of that Brian’s fans are perfectly normal individuals like yourself. It’s the confused 1% who bother me.

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