Find a Cure

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A child that exhibits behaviors typical of the Republican Party would be deemed a sociopath by any objective observer. I know I would look down on the parents of a child who started a war on false pretenses or gave tax breaks to all of his asshole Gymboree friends.

Sorry this cartoon isn’t about a particular issue. It’s just blatant complaining about the illness that has decimated our nation over the past twenty-five years. Republicanism prior to Reagan was a benign illness that could be held in check by an aggressive press. Sadly, the disease has infected the cure.

Fine. I confess. I just wanted to satirize the phrase full-blown AIDS. I’m a horrible person.

6 thoughts on “Find a Cure”

  1. I think 80% of the people moderate republicans help elect give moderate republicans a bad name. But to be fair, no one elected that douche McClellan.

    P.S. Good news Steve. I finally figured out what was holding your comments up for moderation and fixed it.

  2. Excellent, now I can come in and post crazy BS and never, ever, have to worry about it being blocked.

    My conquest of the comment system is now free to move at it’s own pace… spain taking over the new world, minus the natives…and disease…and uncharted territory…and foriegn powers…and cannibalism…and seach for the fountain of youth in flordia…

    ok it’s nothing like Spain.

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