A Salute to Cinema

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I don’t like doing these montage comics too often. It takes forever to come up with a topic, write seven unrelated gags about it, and then plot the whole thing out in irregularly shaped panels.

However, the idea for a silent movie about fart jokes was just too appealing. So I sucked it up and cranked out six sub-par movie related jokes, just to give you what is arguably my most sophisticated fart joke ever. I figured since the Oscars are this Sunday, the topicality might make you forgive my descent into Steve Guttenberg joke hackery.

I’m a pretty big movie snob, so I’ll be watching the Oscars this weekend. I won’t bore you with my picks, but if Crash wins anything, be prepared for a million other big-budget afterschool specials to be coming out in December. OMG! Racists are everywhere! They’re in the floorboards!

9 thoughts on “A Salute to Cinema”

  1. I thought that was a very sensitive portrayal of an Irishman. However, couldn’t you have managed to include more potatoes in your picture?

  2. How can potatoes be considered vulgar?

    And yeah, I am gonna go off the standard comic-fan track of praise and say I agree with the sub-par-ness in this comic. Maybe it’s because I’m not a movie fan. I think the only movie I’ve seen in the last year was Good Night and Good Luck and The Great Raid.

    Then again I only watch films with historical context, those and Toy Story (1+2, best movies ever and you can’t convince me otherwise…well except for The Rock.)

    Ok, rambling comment over….lets hope for no moderation.

    But yeah, I didn’t get the jokes in this one, maybe I’m still too much a young-bull.

  3. I hope you’re being facetious about The Rock. If not, the picky bees are gonna git ya.

    To clarify, potatoes were never vulgar, ladies’ ankles were, even though both are lumpy.

    Anti-Irish sentiment was big until around WWI. It produced a lot of hilarious artwork, but died out when everyone realized Irish people were white.

  4. Oh I had to write a short essay in A.P. US History about the whole anti-irish and “new immigrant” sentiment.

    We also read a thing on the whole measuring of ladies skirts to make sure not enough leg was showing.


    If you made a forum, I think it would be us two commenters and you just going back and forth.

  5. Oh, and I still think the Rock is good for it’s cliche’d-ness.

    It’s just fun to watch and as Tim Lehry said “Turn on, tune in, and drop out.”

  6. There was a forum and that’s pretty much what happened. I had to disable it because it was not worth keeping up with all the spam.

  7. Usually comic strips don’t make me laugh out loud {even (especially) my own}… but that Fart Joke silent film reference is funny as hell. Good job.

  8. Thanks Ben. Especially for actually typing the phrase laugh out loud. Everytime someone uses LOL, a little piece of civilization dies. And I imagine anyone who types that nonsense to be wearing a diaper and a propeller hat.

    We’ll be filming “Fart Joke Follies” as soon as the weather gets warm enough.

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