Mid-Season Replacements

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Happy Evacuation Day everyone! This cartoon is simply the second installment of a cartoon I did last year. But this year I made sure it would coincide with the release of actual mid-season replacements.

And what mind-numbingly awful replacements they are. The most infuriating are all the single-camera sitcoms that are obviously dumbed down versions of Arrested Development, the greatest American comedy of the aughts, as it will come to be known by comedy nerds of the future.

Sure television is a cancerous cesspool that caters to the lowest common denominator, but it is also my best friend. It hurts my feelings when it interrupts our special time together by showing me Ned Holness yelling a pseudo-punchline, or Jim Belushi simply existing.

Love or hate this cartoon, at least give me credit for the kick ass title panel.

9 thoughts on “Mid-Season Replacements”

  1. OMG! You didnt tell me what time and network! How will I know when to “Tune In”?

    Be careful or WBUPN might just replace their whole schedule and only pay you in company stock. Rolls and Rolls of cottony soft WBUPN stock.

  2. Let’s say Monday, on The BFW.

    When those two networks combine, their only decent show will be Everybody Hates Chris. And if they’re willing to steal these shitty ideas, they should know I actually have decent ones locked away in my cabinent of delusional endeavors. I will sell them for a Reba jean jacket.

  3. Arrested Development, you were too good for this world… *sniff*

    Meanwhile that half-hour turd “The War at Home” is still on FOX.

  4. The War at Home gets monster ratings. The only explanation for its success would be if half the country was lobotomized in some freak steel pipe explosion.

  5. As always, a great addition to my normally dismal momday morning routine. By the way, have you seen this show Free Ride? Its a less funny Arrested Development clone! Man, what the hell are they doing over there.
    Also: is there a chance that you’ve stolen Dumbin’ it Down from the Simpsons?

  6. Oh no! Was it from a recent season? I haven’t watched regularly since season 13, and even then it was kind of tedious. It could be worse. I could’ve stolen it from Family Guy.

    Yeah, knock-offs of AD like Sons and Daughters, Free Ride, and The Loop are what inspired me to do this cartoon.

  7. It was from season 11 the behind the laughter episode the characters were listing off their favortie television shows, Hollywood Hogwash, The Malarkies, Dumbin It Down, Sherif Lowbrow, Home Improvement. God I’m such a geek!

  8. That’s a good episode. Oh well. I’ll be able to sleep at night by saying this is slightly different that since it’s also making fun of of Carlos Mencia.

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