Lucian the Sanguine Garbageman

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It’s been a long time since I did a character based nonsense strip. My apologies for making the three people who enjoy them wait so long. I’d do them more frequently, but whenever I write them, they usually end up as sketches or parts get cannibalized and put into spec scripts no one will ever see.

Since this cartoon has absolutely no point, a commentary’s pretty useless. However, I can use this space to repeat some info the folks who subscribe to the weekly (RSS 2.0) update (Atom) feed might’ve missed:

Buy stuff! If you’re fancy enough to have a newsreader, you can certainly afford some of the awesome crap that’s in the store.

Come to my sketch troupe’s show Tuesday night (April 4) at An Tua Nua, at 8:30PM. We’ll be doing some favorites and trying out some new stuff. For just $5, you’ll see two sketch comedy groups, us and Bragging to Children. There are TVs by the bar if you’re worried about missing the Red Sox stink it up with the Rangers.

UPDATE: The music acts cancelled. The only thing I hate more than performing for strangers is performing for no one; so please come. After the show, I’ll be giving away BFW books, and the prop cartoons we use in the show to the first ten people I don’t know who come and mention Big Fat Whale.

8 thoughts on “Lucian the Sanguine Garbageman”

  1. I really like these strips. This was one of my favorite. I does have a sketch comedy feel to it. When are you going to get a job writing for a television show?

    Also, I think you should put the little lines at the bottom in the print versions. They are usually pretty funny.

  2. When are you going to get a job writing for a television show?

    Who knows. Hopefully as soon as a BFW fan becomes a coffee monkey in a writer’s room.

    That’s a good idea. In fact, the mini commentary that accompanies this week’s comic was the original punchline. Then I remembered normal people might not be familiar with merkins, and that 80s references aren’t actual punchlines, despite what Seth MacFarlane believes.

  3. Heya Brian,

    I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate your comic… Right on the money and you make a lot of good points, in addition to doing it artistically and with a good dose of humor. I’ve sent links of it to a lot of my friends and I visit here every week for my new dose of BFW. Thanks for the comic and keep it up :)

  4. Every now and then a good piece of straight humor is a good thing.

    This comic won internets.

  5. Absolutely. That’s why I always try to alternate the political and nonsense comics. Plus, silly jokes are a lot easier for me to write. The political stuff takes a lot more work.

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