Lost and Podcasts

So I wasted almost all of last Thursday reading about the blast door map from last week’s Lost. I never put much effort in trying to decipher what the fuck’s going on, but that stupid map sucked me right in. Hopefully this is an indication that the rest of the season will feature more island creepiness and less tropical soap opera.

I finally got around to setting up winamp to subscribe to podcasts. Trouble is, I haven’t found many good ones. Obviously, the Ricky Gervais Show is great, Louie CK’s is always entertaining, and The Sound of Young America makes an hour of Photoshop go by a little quicker, but I’d like to know if you have any other recommendations.

I know Matt listed some of his favorites recently, but I’m more interested in comedy. I refuse to use iTunes so it’s kind of a pain to find the good stuff among the thousands of shitty, self-indulgent, speaking into a microphone to chase away the loneliness, stuff that people have decided to unleash upon the world.

4 thoughts on “Lost and Podcasts”

  1. I finally broke down and got iTunes, so I’m new to podcasts and don’t know if this will work for you:

    They Might Be Giants podcast, usually various unknown or remixed songs:

    Anything on NPR. They have a “story of the day” podcast, and several others.

    The other few I have are all on Matt’s page. Good stuff…

  2. Thanks Megan, that’s awsome! I was always too cheap to call Dial-a-song. I had to cut checking bands’ websites out of my internetting routine because it took so much time.

    Also there’s a Jonathan Richman cover in this week’s TMBG podcast! It’s like xmas but without that Jesus guy fucking things up.

  3. Brian… thanks for talking about The Sound of Young America (first). Second… try Jimmy Pardo’s new podcast, and KCRW’s The Treatment.
    Jesse (the sound of young america)

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