Hooray for Boos-Ball!

I’m certainly not the first to make that awful pun, but I apologize for engaging in such low brow linguistic tomfoolery. Cheney’s unwelcome at today’s Nationals game is enough of an excuse for me to end this blog’s baseball hiatus. Well, that and the Red Sox’ franchise record 6-1 start.

So far it looks like I was way off about the 2006 rotation. It seems like it’s in better shape than last year, even if Tubby McPokerhat is on the DL all season. But we’ll see how rosy things look next month when the schedule isn’t quite as packed with garbage teams.

Yes, I know that baseball is meaningless and drains valuable resources from more important things. Yet somehow every spring I become fascinated with watching a bunch of millionaires hit a ball with a stick. However, I’m not giving them any money this year; at least not the Red Sox. It’s cheaper and easier for me to catch a game at Camden Yards, which is 400 miles away.

And Craig, sorry for giving you the “Yawn” in that post I wrote after the Yankees acquired the stripper’s husband.