Rabbits Died for Your Filthy Sins

Hello Young Lovers As an appendix to Jen’s post about Oingo Boingo, or the authors of the Weird Science theme song to those of you with only a cursory understanding of obscure eighties music, I’d like to bring an even more random band from that era to your attention. Sparks. I mentioned them before, but I’m sure you ignored me, being the self-centered asshole that you are.

Sparks’ latest album, Hello Young Lovers is awesome. Lil’ Beethoven was great, but I’ve listened to this new one about a dozen times this past week. I doubt you have the same tastes as me, but if you do, you should be on top of this album like a mustache on an upper lip.

Sparks deserve more recognition here in America. Every time you listen to Bo Bice instead of Ron and Russell Mael, a tiny piece of my soul dies.