Oh Lordy

Short Support. Feel free to knock over any short person who uses the word heightist seriously.* I’m only mentioning this site because I want to be on their who’s who list. Coincidentally, I’m the same height as Jimmy Pardo, who mentioned the site on last week’s Never Not Funny.

And if you’re looking for a thoughtless gift for the short man in your life, have you thought about tiny ties? That’s not a hint. In case you forgot, I draw cartoons and not wearing a tie is one of the few perks of the job.

*This doesn’t apply to little people, who have legitimate gripes. Whining guys who are over five feet tall must really piss them off.

6 thoughts on “Oh Lordy”

  1. Good lord, Edith Piaf was shorter than Mary Lou Retton? What were they feeding those people during The Occupation?!
    Interesting resource, though… good to know that 5’4″ women are not considered short. I’ll be sure to remind people of that when they put things out of my reach on the top shelf.

  2. I confess that I had to look up Edith Piaf. Poor nutrition has been the great shrink-inizer of civilizations.

    Thanks to the mediocre crops of the middle ages, I once felt like a giant in some Old Sturbridgey place in the Netherlands.

    Fans of bell curves can find out where they rank height-wise here. Joy, according to that, 5’4″ is just north of the mean for women, but you can always buy a grabbin’ stick.

  3. Eeek. The site starts out with a quote from Mother Teresa. Maybe she can become the parton saint of the short. Or of denying poor people medical care.

  4. The only other ties that really fit me are the clip ons that come with the dress shirts I have to buy in the boys’ department. I’d imagine the short guys who are fancier than myelf are willing to pay that much for a tie that doesn’t have clowns on it.

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