Dwayne Fontaine Helps the Democrats for a Substantial Fee

dwayne fontaine
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I’m posting this week’s cartoon early since I’ll be out of town today and tomorrow. If you’re near New York City, come to the Attitude 3 signing tonight and say hello. Details are up on Ted Rall’s site.

Dwayne Fontaine appeared previously in this cartoon. I wrote this for a new character, a political consultant douchebag, but the similarities were too obvious. I’m not a fan of recurring characters. I think they’re often used as an excuse to beat the same joke to death. (i.e. every recurring sketch on SNL) Some folks manage to pull it off, but it’s not for me. Dwayne has now moved to the same retirement community as Professor Zeitgeist, the Eavesdropping Avenger, and the Hack Comic Slayer.

The Democrats need to stop navel gazing and start campaigning. A month from now, most people will be busy with summer and not paying attention. Unless gas prices keep going up. Then they’ll be forced to stay home and read the newspaper.

7 thoughts on “Dwayne Fontaine Helps the Democrats for a Substantial Fee”

  1. This comic wins so hard. You’re right, the democrats need to start working. Coming from a republican who WANTS democrats to take control of either house or senate, they need to get working.

    Anyone else think we should return to the Era of Good Feelings?

  2. Thanks Steve. I know they’re fighting against a media that favors Republicans, but Democrats could be doing so much more. (i.e. symbolic bills that have no hope of going anywhere, a party-wide message, free candy bars to win the stupid vote)

  3. I’m about ready to give up on them (to the extent I haven’t already). If you can’t get your message out and perform well when the opposing party is fucking up this bad, there is seriously no hope for the future.

  4. What are you gonna do, vote for Nader?

    I know I’m just as guilty as everyone else, but if one-tenth of the progressives who bitch and moan about the Democrats actually did something proactive to shape the party from within, it would be in much better shape.

    Complaining has about the same effectiveness as wishin’ and hopin’.

    That said, I’m a hypocrite and won’t be volunteering for anyone’s campaign, unless it’s to curry favor with the ladies.

  5. I constantly struggle with it. Suck it up and battle from within the party or give up and be a hermit?

    At least I get to vote for Sherrod Brown this year for Senate. He’s one of the most progressiive Dems. I don’t see myself being able to vote for a Biden or Clinton though come 08.

    It’s hard for me to remain hopeful. I am, after all, a cynical alternative cartoonist.

  6. We could have a never ending debate on the state of the media bias but I won’t go there.

    The democrats have been in shambles since 2000 in my opinion, they just sorta rode the wave with Clinton and didn’t have to do much I think, so they didn’t know what to do without him. The party now is more like the democrats in 1850 than any other time (back when the demos were Northern Demos and Southern Demos for those that don’t know…oh yeah, if was over slavery if anyone didn’t guess). The democrats need a strong leader, someone that’s moderate but draws you in, a good speaker with character.

    And obviously pushing the issues isn’t gonna win it for them, they need to start pushing character debates, even though that’s a tough battle with Bush.

  7. Thanks for not going there. I’d be crushed to learn you actually believe GE, Viacom, and ClearChannel have an agenda other than maintaining the status quo and making billions of dollars by cajoling the government into passing one corporate tax break after another.

    Unless I read that wrong, you think Bush wins a character debate?! Ugh. If you’re really one of the 32% who still buys that “straight-talkin’, wanna have a beer with him” crap, you’re in desperate need of a cynicism transplant.

    Anyway, the problem is normal, well-adjusted people no longer go into politics. It’s too unseemly. The result is that a bunch of assholes in each party fill the void.

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