Kids Say the Most Pragmatic Things

Kids Say the Most Pragmatic Things
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This was funny when I wrote it on a bus. Now that I’m no longer on a bus, not so much.

The only thing I have to add is that caca is the only baby word I remember using. I always thought it was spelt with a k, but a quick Google search revealed that the c spelling is much more popular. So I altered the final panel where the kid mentions the old vaudevillian rule that k words are inherently funny. Only now do I realize I could have just changed it to k sounds instead of scrapping the entire joke. Damn you hindsight!

Next week I give the tree-huggers a thwack with a switch from my cynicism bush.

5 thoughts on “Kids Say the Most Pragmatic Things”

  1. Ok, I thought this comic was histerical.

    A victory only matched by that of the allied forces in WW2.

    Excellent comic.

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