A Message From the Myopia Club

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A few weeks ago there was a bit of a fuss when the Sierra Club endorsed Rhode Island’s senator Lincoln Chafee, even though his party has consistently passed legislation that takes a big ol’ shit on nature. They cited something about him having a favorable voting record on all environment specific legislation.

Ugh, I’m not an op-ed columnist. I don’t feel like typing out my nuanced position on special interest groups right now. The short version is that while special interest groups have every right to endorse whoever they want, based on whatever myopic criteria they choose, that doesn’t mean anyone should give a shit what they have to say. Most of us live in the real world where one single issue doesn’t dominate our lives, fundies and hippies excluded.

A senator who gets an “A+” from the Sierra Club, but still endorses torture, regressive tax policies, and appoints Supreme Court justices who are in favor of making the presidency a dictatorship (Chafee’s no vote on Alito doesn’t count. He chose to vote for cloture, which is what really mattered.) is still an asshole.

Also, a message to my neighbors in Rhode Island: Sure you’re south of Massachusetts, but that doesn’t make you the South. Stop sending Republicans to the Capitol! They don’t like you.

2 thoughts on “A Message From the Myopia Club”

  1. I fear it’s too late to stop the myopic menace. The near-sighted already make up 44% of the American public. They must be stopped or those of us who were born with perfect vision, the same perfect vision the Founding Fathers* used to found this nation, will be forced to wear spectacles when we sing the national anthem.

    *Franklin wearing bifocals is a myth created by the liberal, myopic-run media.

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