Escape From Cozy Acres

escape from cozy acres
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Here’s a fake movie poster. I wrote up a bunch of fake summer blockbuster titles, but most were lame and the bit was too similar to every other thing I do. Speaking of fake movies, watch this one:

If you have a YouTube account you can rate the sketch here. If you’re not a fan of grainy flash movies, here’s a Quicktime version.

Next week I make light of global warming, the thing that’s going to partypoop the party that is the remainder of my adult life.

3 thoughts on “Escape From Cozy Acres”

  1. You missed a few Os. An eight O poot would only have the power to make the mayor’s dickie curl.

    We’re planning on posting at least two a month through the end of the year, but who knows how many of us will burn out before then. I might not mention all the videos on the blog, so check The Good Students’ site every once in a while.

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