Global Warming Is Hilarious*

Global Warming
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I figured I’d capitalize on the publicity for Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and finally do a cartoon about global warming, which is real, unlike angels, which are fake. I had all my jokes written, when suddenly, reality stole one of my jokes. The joke in question centered around a PR campaign for CO2, which gets a bad rap for causing global warming, even though it also makes soda taste awesome.

Turns out big oil really thought that shit would fly. Forced to scrap that joke, I ended up using the one about the giant chaos butterfly, which is too close to one of Ruben Bolling’s Super-Fun-Pak Comix characters. I was either lazy or making a comment on the frequency of plagiarism in our society. You decide.

If this cartoon didn’t satisfy your fetish for drowning polar bears, Matt has just the cartoon for you asphyxo-furry sickos.