I’m Back (For Now)

Here is actual physical proof that I left the house last weekend.

l-r: Stephanie McMillan, Matt Bors, Ted Rall, and Some Douchebag

I’m back from MoCCA, and have one glorious day before heading out to Cleveland for the Attitude 3 signing at Mac’s Backs. You should come. I smell nice!

When I got back, I was shocked to learn that my site’s traffic went nutso bananas over the weekend. Hello to all the Stumbleupon folks and the magnificent atheists at God Is For Suckers. Is there any way I can get you new people to buy my crap?

Finally, I’m way behind replying to emails. If you sent me one in the past two weeks, I promise I’ll write back to you as soon as I get back from Cleveland and all my deadlines are squared away.

8 thoughts on “I’m Back (For Now)”

  1. On buying you “crap” I WOULD LOVE TOO! But the @!$$%!!! PayPal keeps tripping me up! Aaaaaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhh!!!

    Thats the second time this week I couldn’t make a purchase thanks to PayPal (don’t worry I’ll keep trying).

    Any thought to making some more T-shirt designs?

  2. Yeah, paypal is a pain in the ass. If it’s still giving you trouble, the order form should work. I’ll eventually be adding a more polished checkout system sometime in the next couple of months.

    It’ll be a while before I do another t-shirt. It’s part laziness and part economics. (I’m poor and t-shirts cost money.)

  3. True, but I’ve used them in the past and wasn’t pleased with their quality. They also charge an insane amount per shirt.

  4. True. I’ll bet I can save more money driving to the mall, which required about a 1/4 tank of gas, buy shirts, and go back, than using CafePress’s shirt.

    Speaking of merchandise, think there will be more “Big Fat Whale” books? Specifically from maybe lulu.com print-on-demand where I could get a 200+ cartoons in one book?

  5. Yeah there will be more books, with lulu if they offer a format that fits my comic’s dimensions. When exactly that will be, I’m not sure. The first 130 BFW cartoons are of dubious quality, so mid to late 2007 is the earliest that would happen.

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