Three Letter Reviews

Here’s some quick filler to bump the previous grumpiness down the page. I don’t actually have HBO, but here’s what I think of their Sunday night lineup:

Sopranos: Wha?
Entourage: Meh
Lucky Louie: Yay
Tourgasm: Boo

If you only watched the pilot for Lucky Louie, give the other episodes a chance. There’s no clunky exposition explaining who everyone is. Also, Barbara Walters hates the show, and you don’t want to have something in common with that withered dinosaur, do you?

3 thoughts on “Three Letter Reviews”

  1. Yeah, I couldn’t think of a three letter word to sum up my thoughts on the Sopranos, which are: “I watched the first two seasons and enjoyed them, but stopped caring about the characters during the third and now I no longer watch and only know what’s going on thanks to Best Week Ever, man I really wish the second season of Rome would start already, go go Octavian!”

    Perhaps a huh? could’ve summed that up. Three letter reviews are as difficult to write as one from the perspective of Garfield.

  2. “Huh” works. I agree that show started going downhill in the third season and has continued to decline since. Still, I find myself still watching it in hopes David Chase will give his audience the mob war he’s been hinting at for a while now.

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