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Our Flag
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I’m kind of in a daze from meeting a last minute change in deadline. I haven’t been this sleepy in ages. So without further rambling, here’s a cartoon about the flag.

I would take a thousand shits on the American flag if I thought it would convince anyone to give the Constitution and Bill of Rights the same reverence they bestow on that rather tacky piece of fabric.

And in case this is the first BFW cartoon you ever read, I don’t really believe a star will fall off a veteran’s flag if the Pledge of Allegiance isn’t recited. It was my intent to illustrate what an empty gesture the pledge is. It’s certainly way down on my list of gripes, but the Pledge of Allegiance is something that should be abolished. Forcing children to say something in the name of freedom could quite possibly be a contributing factor to all the cynicism and apathy that surrounds us.

Matt Bors also has a comic about the flag this week. His flag bikini joke is better than mine.

And remember, USA = number one:

Next Week: A shitty idea that’s been dogging me for months finally sees the light of day, thanks in large part to my inability to be funny under pressure.

8 thoughts on “Our Flag Is An Awesome Flag”

  1. That’s a weird video.

    FWI, the animation came from an animated short called “200”, which was commissioned by the government as some sort of propaganda film displaying patriotism. It was from sometime in 1970s, I believe.

  2. This whole flag mess, I’ve been saying it’s nothing but a piece of material myself. Good thing it didn’t pass this time. With all the issues of importance, and they go and waste time on that.

    As far as the pledge, I’m one that won’t say it and have told my boys there is no reason for them to repeat it at school. Talk about getting young minds to conform early.

  3. I was amazed that it came so close to passing. If it ever does, I’m sure a law requiring the flag to be displayed in one’s home isn’t far behind.

    I think it’s especially dumb to have young children recite the pledge, when virtually all the words are meaningless to them.

  4. Well my boys don’t do the “under god” bit, but I’ve also told them they are not required to do all of the pledge if they don’t want to. I leave it up to them.

    Basically I’ve taught them to question all authority. It gets a bit annoying when they question mine. :)

    I do not want children that do things just because that is how it has always been done. I don’t believe in tradition myself. Conformity is not my thing.

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