Republican Strategery Meeting

Republican Strategery Meeting
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This cartoon was a lot more relevant before the gay marriage ban failed to make it through the senate. I think most people saw this recent push against the gays for the distraction ploy it was, even if the media treated it like the most pressing issue of the week.

I’m making this brief so I can get next week’s cartoon done before MoCCA. Jen covered everything I would’ve written anyway.

Next Week: See how many bad ideas slip through when I’m in a hurry.

Join Me In Awkward Silence

If you ever wanted to meet the dopey asshole who draws this comic strip, the next month gives you several opportunities.

Saturday-Sunday, June 10-11

MoCCA Art Festival, New York – If comics interest you at all, and you’re anywhere near Soho, you really should attend this thing. I’ll be at the NBM table Saturday 2:30-4 and Sunday 11:30-1, 2:30-4. Dozens of better, more successful cartoonists will also be in attendance. They are also less likely to creep you out. $8

Thursday, June 15, 6PM

Mac’s Backs, ClevelandMatt Bors and I will be signing Attitude 3 at the Coventry Street Fair. Perhaps someone will convince me that Cleveland does indeed “rock.”

Saturday, July 8, 2-4PM

Million Year Picnic, CambridgeMark Poutenis and I will sign your damn books. After 4, I plan on moving the signing to Charlie’s Kitchen, where you are more than welcome to buy me a beer.

I’ll also be doing some camping in central Pennsylvania on my way to and from Cleveland. If you happen to be a mountain man or a bear, you can find me in the Allegheny National Forest, next to the tree.

Old Time Baseball’s Lamest Players

old time baseball
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After learning how to emulate Matt’s excellent New York Press cover, I could no longer resist my penchant for making up stupid old timey names. Obviously, I exaggerated the halftone dots and creases so they’d show up at web resolutions. I also cheated a bit and put the line art on top of the creases to improve legibility. Anyway, I think the weeklies ran the clean grayscale version of this comic, which is a shame. If it wasn’t so pretentious, I’d do this to all of my comics.

I tried to shoehorn something about steroid abuse in there, but there really is no message to this cartoon. I just love the iconography of old timey things. But don’t mistake that for nostalgia. Those were horrible times, filled with racism, diets lacking in iodine, and a public that was even dumber than they are today.