Other Comics To Read

I have absolutely nothing to write about this week. I’ve been watching Buster Keaton movies for the past couple of weeks instead of having opinions. Here are some other comics you can read to fill the pontificating void:

Mikhaela talks about global warming.

Matt explores Cheney Probability Theory.

Jen shoves an organic tomato down David Brooks’ asshole throat.

Masheka proves that global warming can produce something tastier than Mountain Dew.

Stephanie points out the dark side of flotsam and jetsam.

Ben has a problem with our perfect and flawless missing white women reporting system.

And Ruben documents social awkwardness among humans with the deftness of Desmond Morris.

That’s all for now. Sorry if I left anyone out. I’m lazy, or it could be that I hate you.

UPDATE: Here’s something else for you to look at. It’s an illustration from a ventriloquism book I was poking through last night.