9 thoughts on “The Classy Dozens”

  1. Brian I am disappointed you did not have a single monocle in the entire comic. It was the perfect comic to use one. Everyone knows someone wearing a monocle is 2 to 3 times funnier.

  2. Christ Pinky, you’re right. Me forgetting a monocle is like a lumberjack forgetting a saw. Maybe I have early onset Alzheimer’s.

    Luckily, I just noticed the Phoenix was kind enough to fix my spelling error before they went to print. So as far as Boston’s concerned, I’m not wicked retahded.

    And if anyone’s confused, I put up a fixed version Friday afternoon. At least I hope so. If there’s another error, then I quit and am officially dumb enough to start playing the lottery.

  3. Yeah, that your/you’re mixup is common.

    Heck, I saw that mixup in a nationally-syndicated comic-strip one time.

    That’s even more pathetic, because those strips goes through several editors before they’re sent to newspapers.

  4. Damn. That last line should be “…strips GO through”.

    Even Dubya has better grammar skills than me.

  5. I thought this strip was great, too.
    I was kinda hoping the guy in the last frame would say, “how would you know?” (or something in the spirit of the dozens)

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