Make It Stop!

I’ll be glad when this Lamont-Lieberman primary ends. The coverage has been so over the top that I had a dream (or nightmare?) last night that Lieberman came to my house. I guess he was so confused he accidentally wandered into Massachusetts. Fear not, it wasn’t a sexy dream.

I’m a busy bee this week. After some prodding by Mikhaela, Matt, and Ted, I joined the AAEC. You can read my profile there if you’re that desperate for Brian-related information.

Ceci N’est Pas Art

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Here are some jokes about art. Some I like, others I don’t.

Here’s an idea for a fun Friday activity: Guess which ones I don’t like, write them down on the back of an old childhood photograph. Tie a balloon to the old photo, make a wish, and let it go. Guess what? You just did performance art. Congratulations.

Next Week: A roundabout way of saying Tom Friedman is a douchebag.

A Hare’s Tale (Fiction)

Hey folks. I’m trying something new here and invited my good friend Dan to post here whenever the spirit moves him. I’ll adjust this blog’s template to make sure it’s easy to figure out who’s posting what. – Brian

A Hare’s Tale
D.R. Wallace

The hare ended his life under the paint shed at Steel America, Inc. The shed was on the backside of a building originally erected by United Warehouse. When land was worth something around here, they built tall warehouses of brick and glass. Thousands of windows walled whole floors, letting in an abstract light of antiquated difference. Jerry Halowell leased out the first floor in 1982 and started up Steel America. He was the company’s only boss and employee and was working 80-hour weeks to make a name in a trade of masters. He could not afford his first help but he could less afford t not have it. Slowly, the shop grew and men filled in the space that was far too vast for a one-pony show. When the hare came along, 11 men worked in the shop and one lady handled the office affairs. Continue reading A Hare’s Tale (Fiction)