Attack of the New Snacks!

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These are some dumb snacks I made up. I could claim that this is a commentary on obesity in America, but I’m not fooling anyone.

I hate the water that condenses and pools at the top of ketchup bottles. If I was in Gitmo right now and a CIA torture specialist gave me the choice of being peed on or eating soggy ketchup water fries, I’d have to think about it.

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8 thoughts on “Attack of the New Snacks!”

  1. There is a an easy cure to ketchup water: shake the bottle. The water mixes back into the ketchup, where it came from and where it belongs. To avoid the horror of ketchup water, I always vigorously shake my ketchup bottles before using them, whether I notice the horrible puddle of torture-liquid sitting there or not. The precaution is worth it.

  2. Celebrity Frozen dinners is hilarious, and something I could see happening way to easily. What would be in the Winkler dinner do you think?

  3. Megan – I’m going to seriously look into pitching Gumbryos to candy companies. They’re really no more ridiculous than Nerds.

    Pharaohmagnetic – Your advice is sound and has been given by several people who’ve had the misfortune of eating with me. I’m messed up in the head and can’t get over the idea of ketchup water still lurking in a shaken bottle. I usually pour it out onto a saucer, where it can do me no harm.

    Jon – Winkler is a great American. From the Fonz, his executive producing of MacGyver, to his stint on Arrested Development. I’d have to imagine his leftovers would consist of wholesome foods. Peas, carrots, and old mashed potatoes molded into the form of the aptly named Pinky Tuscadero.

  4. “Megan – I’m going to seriously look into pitching Gumbryos to candy companies. They’re really no more ridiculous than Nerds.”

    I hope you are serious because I will buy stock.

  5. Each frame made me laugh out loud. I have the ketchup bottle that opens on the bottom and somehow the ketchup water is still at the opening when I go to squirt it. It does NOT only float on the top of the ketchup. Maybe I should switch to catsup. The gumbryos are definitely marketable. Hospitals might even go with your spreadable lipitor, especially if it tastes like bacon.
    This was a good one, Brian.

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