Motorway Food Is the Worst in the World

I’m about to hit the road for various DC events. Check my front page or my previous post for details. I’m sure I’ll find wifi somewhere, but if Friday’s update is late, that’s why. If you’re in DC, swing by and say hello, and buy something, perhaps, maybe, please?

Bonus points to anyone who talks to me about something other than comics and politics. I’d rather talk about pumpkin fungus. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Motorway Food Is the Worst in the World”

  1. I would stop by and talk about craps since ironically I’ll be passing through DC Thursday on my way to Philly, but I’ll be driving through too soon for the weekend activities. I have to tie up loose ends but while I’m there I’m planning a trip to AC to try my luck once again with the abandoned slot machine theory – Ding ding ding winner!!!! OK I know your neither impressed or disappointed; have a good weekend :-)

  2. oooh, that pumpkin fungus story broke from Lafyette, IN! see, it really is an excedingly exciting place to live!

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