The Classic Comedies of Cyril DuFarge

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This cartoon came into existence after I mentioned the ending of the Dennis the Menace remake and my friend Rebecca asked, “Where Christopher Lloyd eats all the beans and has debilitating gas symptoms?” It was the most clinical and hilarious description of farting ever uttered. Also the image of Princess Grace stuffing her face with beans then doubling over with flatulence is hard to beat.

I’m a bit of a lazybones and didn’t want to draw a lot before I left for DC, otherwise I would’ve drawn everyone of these actors with distended, bean-filled bellies, except for Welles, which would’ve been indistinguishable from a regular portrait.

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2 thoughts on “The Classic Comedies of Cyril DuFarge”

  1. I can’t believe you let me defile the comic strip with my penchant for classy movie stars and bean jokes. You are the best.

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