Spurious Democratic Scandals

democratic scandals
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Events are conspiring against me. I have no time to write a pithy entry about this cartoon. I’ll just say that if the House predictions fail to materialize (or enough votes are Diebolded away), I will go on a bender to end all benders.

Next Week: I’m going to eat a bunch of clearance candy corn. I’m still not sure what the cartoon is going to be about.

DUMBASS UPDATE! Waxman’s a congressman, not a senator. Who would’ve guessed a congressional Democrat could sneak into my consciousness like that and promote himself.

4 thoughts on “Spurious Democratic Scandals”

  1. I think “to diebold” ought really be promoted as a legitimate verb. And speaking of election related benders, if things continue to pan out the way they have over the past six years, I should have liver failure by 2010!

  2. Barney Frank is a damn felon. And how much money was all that TP worth? Waxman’s a damn felon too!

  3. Rachel – 2010 is awfully optimistic of you. If McCain wins in ’08, I’m going to shit my liver out of my butt.

    Allison – “Damn felon” is now my preferred way of referring to unsavories.

  4. For some reason I’m relieved that I’ll be watching this election from the relatively safe vantage point of Europe. Stronger beer here, too…

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