Pick Up Lines for Nerds & Dweebs

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I’m just getting over a cold, and have to work on some other stuff. Thankfully this dumb cartoon doesn’t require any explanation. I know the joke about the strong force doesn’t really work, since that force only acts on the atomic level. But most (if not all) of you aren’t particle physicists.

4 thoughts on “Pick Up Lines for Nerds & Dweebs”

  1. i detect some uncanny resemblance to greg and dan in a couple of these frames.

    “mint condition”


    What ARE those poopy cats up to these days?

  2. Now that you mentioned it, I do see the resemblance, but unless either of them has a secret history in stock photography modeling, it’s a coincidence.

    Those poopy cats are still making poo. (and sometimes puke.)

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