Good News Everyone

I’m not talking about the Democrats’ amazing ability to pull victory from the jaws of Diebold, as great as that is. The good news I’m talking about is that the Land Dolphin really exists! Thanks to Matt for letting me know about this exciting discovery. I caution all city dwellers to be on the lookout for Chipmunculus.

I could write a lengthy post about the ramifications of this week’s election. But now that Bush is likely to be the lamest of ducks, I should get on with the serious business of crafting nonsense phrases and fart jokes.

3 thoughts on “Good News Everyone”

  1. The Land Dolphin is cool, but tragic. Just look at this sentence: “The creature, 9ft from nose to tail, is now in a tank at a whaling museum where it will undergo both X-ray and DNA testing.”

    It’s as bad as confining Chipmunculus to a giant hamster ball.

  2. Yes, us Japanese are barbaric bunch, huh? Shame on them for eating whales.

    But if somebody finds a Wild Dancing Bear Clown, I hope they shoot it. That thing creeps me out.

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