Religious Pareidolia in Unlikely Places

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Our nation’s electoral system is biased against weekly cartoonists. With elections on Tuesdays, most of us can’t do a timely cartoon about that week’s results because our deadlines are usually the Friday or Monday before.

So instead of counting my chickens before they hatched like last time, I went with a safe cartoon that mocked religion. Religious pareidolia is a real phenomenon. A real phenomenon experienced by real morons.

Next Week:
Fine Dining Guide, unless I can come up with something better while you’re all enjoying your weekends.

4 thoughts on “Religious Pareidolia in Unlikely Places”

  1. Also, I saw what I thought was Ted Haggard and Ken Mehlman having sex in my New England Clam chowder last night but wrote it off as wishful thinking.

  2. Matt – I’ll try developing “Wordsy’s World,” a children’s cartoon about a pompous owl with a ridiculous vocabulary.

    Michele – I fear a religious port wine stain growing on my back after drawing this cartoon.

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