The Good Students Return!

Hello Boston area readers. My sketch group, The Good Students, is coming out of hibernation and will be at Improv Boston this Sunday, the 19th at 7pm. Tickets are $7 / $5 for students and seniors. We’ll be doing some new sketches a debuting a brand new humorous video. It’ll be posted on the website shortly after for you lazy bums.

I know I’ve lied to you in the past, but we will be doing stuff more frequently from now on. For reals.

Speaking of comedy, I hate Dane Cook and you should too. Also, I wanted to like it, but Studio 60 is one preachy motherfucker of a show. Watching Sorkin’s approximation of sketch comedy makes me feel the same way a lion tamer must’ve felt when he watched Circus of the Stars.

4 thoughts on “The Good Students Return!”

  1. I’m pretty disappointed w/ Studio 60… I think characters that sound preachy and self-important are OK (to be expected, even) when you’re dealing w/ important issues like on the West Wing, but nobody gives a shit about the life-dilemmas of TV people.

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