Tough Talk With Sterling Jackboot

tough talk
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I’m not quite a month late to commenting on the Democrats’ victories earlier this month. But you know what they say, “timeliness is next to wonkiness.”

Now go buy things or put used gum in Salvation Army kettles, whatever jingles your bells.

Next Week: The Book Bin returns

3 thoughts on “Tough Talk With Sterling Jackboot”

  1. Republicans spend money just like democrats, the only difference is republicans like to spend theirs and democrats like to spend yours.

    Enjoying the strip microslut


  2. Aw Jim, did you just get a copy of Baby’s First Talking Points? Zinga-dinga-doo. Also, that microslut account still exists! Luckily my posts have vanished down the fun hole.

    Matt, I think you’re on to something. Fetuses grow up and get jobs, jobs taken from real Americans. They could become the new Mexicans very soon.

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