That Show Is Still On?

I don’t want to add to the buzz, but I also need to write something this week. Despite the Master Shake air freshner in my car, I haven’t found Aqua Teen Hunger Force to be funny for at least two years. Moral Orel and Tim & Eric’s output are the best of Adult Swim.

ATHF, Family Guy, and Epic Movie have all committed acts of terrorism against comedy this week alone.

Viral marketing is for products that can’t be sold on their own merits.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, the media and the government’s response was overblown. However, it’s just stupid to believe everyone in a city should be familiar with some late night cable dreck or circuitry. And if it was nighttime and people flipped out about those things, I’d agree that it would be stupid to think they posed a danger.

Just because those things weren’t bundles of dynamite with an alarm clock attached doesn’t mean they didn’t look suspicious dangling from important infrastructure.

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  1. Some of my kids watch FG and I haven’t talked to them in…, well, since yesterday. But, I still yell at them to change the channel if I catch them watching it (that and Gilmore Girls).

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