Valentines for Hopeless Realists

valentines 2007
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Forgetting to do these last year was a huge mistake on my part. They’re the most popular recurring BFW bit by far. For the sake of funny valentines fans everywhere, let’s hope I remain bitter and cynical for years to come.

If you’d like to print these out, printer friendly versions can be found here and here.

Next Week: Pandering to scientists, atheists, or both.

8 thoughts on “Valentines for Hopeless Realists”

  1. These are awesome….relationships are far overrated. Why pick just one given all of the choices and ease of meeting new people?

  2. Thanks to all of you marvelous people.

    I disagree with you Michele. People are not flavors of ice cream. And even with ice cream, I’m fine with sticking with vanilla ’til death.

    And a brief addendum: I like vanilla. A lot. I obviously wouldn’t stick with Mint Chocolate Chip or anything else that disagreed with me.

  3. Ok, so the question is why haven’t you met your vanilla? I’m guessing you meet tons of people all the time. So is it you just haven’t found the right one or is your guard up that you just don’t see it?

  4. Back to ice cream…..What do you do if the store is out of your favorite flavor? Find another? And what if the “other” suites your taste buds better than your “usual”?

  5. I don’t have to tell you that originally Valentines were nasty kiss-offs & put-downs.

    I gave this strip as a card to many people. Genius. Your best ever strip.

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