I Like Movies

I’d say I love them, but that phrase is now the domain of one Mr. Doug Benson. Check out his podcast. It is part of my inking day listening routine. The most recent episode features Zach Galifianakis, arguably my favorite comedian of the decade.

Rather than a short filler entry this week, I thought I’d share my opinions on the various Oscar nominated films I’ve seen so far. These are listed in no particular order.

Little Miss Sunshine – Cute. Not great, possibly even barely good. All of the characters could’ve been clipped from an indie-movie-eccentrics paper doll book.

The Queen – Helen Mirren is very good. I had no idea Tony Blair was a 12-year-old boy when he first became PM. Princess Di croaked on my 18th birthday, which is second only to sharing a birthday with Buddy Hackett.

Babel – Japan segments; awesome. Morocco segments; good. Mexico/San Diego; fuckin’ retarded.

Children of Men – Everyone who knows me knows I love a dystopian future scifi film. While this was good, it is not as great as the hype. Too much wishin’ and coincidence ends up saving mankind from its imminent demise.

Venus – I’ll watch this again in 40 years when I need to brush up on how to be a dirty old man.

Blood Diamond – Why not just have a story about Djimon Hounsou’s character? This movie didn’t even have the balls to call De Beers out by name. There’s a desperate need for an engaging documentary about why the West needs to quit diamonds. A diamond is just a very expensive thoughtless gift, for selfish assholes. If the quality of your marriage depends on the shininess of a rock, perhaps you deserve to die alone.

The Last King of Scotland – Forest Whitaker kicks ass. I don’t remember anything else about this movie except the chopped up lady and the doctor guy’s nipple-swing.

The Departed – Fun, captivating, based in Boston, and most of the accents weren’t completely off the mark like most movies (Mystic River). While not Scorsese’s best, he deserves a nod for this, the ridiculousness of Gangs of New York aside. However, I have one interesting fact for screenwriters: Southie isn’t the only neighborhood in the Greater Boston area. Strange, but true!

That’s it as far as serious contenders go. Comedies get the shaft by the Academy. Like everyone else, Borat was one of my favorites. Sure it’s insensitive to Kazakhs, but I am not retarded and know it’s a joke.

Worst Movie of the Year (That I saw. I avoid the obvious crap.) – Fast Food Nation. Mikhaela and Masheka can back me up on this one. I loved the book, but this movie has me questioning that.