New Frontiers in Junk Science

junk science
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Junk scientists are just a hair more tolerable than fundamentalists. I’ll cut this short so I can pray to whatever Eskimo god is in charge of freeing Hyundais from six inches of solid ice.

Sneet Sucks

UPDATE: Since this post was kind of weak, here’s a picture of my car. It looks deceiving, but that’s not snow. It’s solid ice. I’ll take snow over sleet and freezing rain any day.

Also, I hate to admit this, but I just removed three inches of ice from our sidewalk and it’s the most exercise I’ve had in months. My arms feel like goo.

Next Week: The Scandalous Lives of Aquanauts

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  1. For serious? While I highly doubt the methodology of the study, I don’t think it affects my theory that cotton candy makes kids gay for candy.

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