When In Doubt

I’m very busy this week, so here’s a picture of a my cranky cat.

Pepsi in a Basket

Also of some note, after five and a half years, I finally got my first piece of not-a-fan mail. I wouldn’t qualify it as hate mail, but I’m certainly not Jimbo’s friend.

And hey, since this isn’t a coherent post at all, I’m going to address everyone who speaks English and uses the internet: Please stop typing “sigh.” Might I suggest “(I’m wiping my forehead with a hanky in consternation.)” as a more appropriate and self-indulgent option.

And watch out users of “what not.” I’m gunning for you next.

4 thoughts on “When In Doubt”

  1. THANK YOU! (regarding “sigh”)

    Everytime I read that in political blog entries, whatever the political view is, it makes me want to cut someone’s head off.

    Leave “sigh” to comic strips.

  2. Clockwork – I understand your plight, but a little self-editing is what separates writing from speech. If I wrote how I talked, this blog would be chock full of “um’s,” “ah’s”, and st-st-stuttering.

    Charles – I’ll give a pass to Winnie the Pooh if he was real and a had a blog and ended all of his political posts with “Oh bother.”

  3. I like your cat. Then again, I like all cats. You can’t go wrong with a cat picture.

    I sound like some Dick-and-Jane book, with short, simple sentences.

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