Kids Say the Most Pragmatic Things: Volume Two

Volume One is here. I couldn’t come up with anything this week so I revisited a mildly popular comic from the past. I have nothing against recurring bits, but like to keep them as far apart as possible.

And thanks to Caroline for pointing out the vast untapped comedy resource that is booger-eating.

Next Week: Rejected Pretexts for War With Iran

3 thoughts on “Kids Say the Most Pragmatic Things: Volume Two”

  1. Matt – I felt bad after that carnival expert posted in that thread. If I bring it back, it’ll have to be something like “Ask a Dunk Tank Technician.”

    Michele – I always went with the weird non-horse animals if they were available. I remember lions and dragons at the amusement parks of my youth. There were lame-ass benches for fatties.

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