Rejected Pretexts for War With Iran

Attacking Iran is a bad idea. That doesn’t mean the country is a giant lollipop factory filled with wholesome goodness.

Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to talk about the issue in this cartoon that I’m passionate about: toilet paper hanging. I’m in the minority and prefer the under method, at least in private bathroom situations. It’s more likely to tear on the perforated lines and not leave little flecks of TP all over the bathroom floor. This nugget of wisdom will be included in my upcoming book: Household Hints from an Insane Person.

Next Week: Transportation is Fascinatin’!

5 thoughts on “Rejected Pretexts for War With Iran”

  1. Charles – Oh, neither do I. If it really bothered me, it’s not like there’s a force field preventing me from flipping the roll over.

    Also, “Plugger” sounds like some unseemly behind-the-scenes job in porno.

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