Calling the Nerd Patrol

If any nerds out there can tell me how I can get the blogroll to look like it used to, I’d be much obliged. I just upgraded to WordPress 2.1.2 and the get_links() template tag has been replaced with wp_list_bookmarks() tag. The page explaining how to tweak this tag is of little help. I just want to call individual link categories and have them display without those retarded bullets. Every attempt I’ve made to follow those gibberish directions has resulted in disaster.

Also, if the CWA blog goes down this week, I’ll get to it! It may take a while, but I will. I’m not an IT guy and fixing internet shit makes me angry.

UPDATE: The get_links() tag still works in 2.1. The upgrade just changed the numerical category ID’s. I know no one really cares, but just in case this pops up when someone’s searching for a similar problem.