Reference Photo Gone Bananas


For those of you who don’t know, a large portion of my cartoons are based on reference photos I take of myself. Well, I just got a new camera that comes equipped with a self-timer fake-out delay. It’s specifically designed to make me look as ridiculous as possible.

And for the record, the lame-o clothes I’m wearing are for the cartoon. I wear different, equally lame-o clothes in real life. You’ll see the finished cartoon next week.

7 thoughts on “Reference Photo Gone Bananas”

  1. Ah, same. I did the same with A Mighty Wind. Best in Show, however, I like quite a bit. I’d say because so much of the script in Guest’s films are ad-libbed, there’s the potential to be just dreadful. I should learn to have more faith in Chris and his motley crew of character actors/comedians, but the inner cynic tells me to watch Arrested Development instead.

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