I Recant

In my previous post, I ragged on road cycling. While I still fail to see the appeal of exposed lycra and pedaling for hours on monotonous flat roads, not to mention male leg shaving, it is fun biking through congested streets faster than automobiles. So there. I’m a giant pinko flip-flopper.

The weather in the Northeast has been really shitty of late, making mountain biking impossible, if not illegal at most of the nearby trails. Desperate to not revert back to my natural blubbery state, I decided to use the local paved bike path. It was snowy and icy enough to be mildly entertaining.

Anywhatzles, on the way there and back, I was a good citizen and followed the traffic rules for bicycles. This involved biking in the middle of the clusterfuck that is Davis Square. It was definitely better than the boring-ass fireroads that outnumber the area’s singletrack by a wide margin. I just might consider becoming a bike messenger, if only to justify owning a messenger bag for the past decade.