News of the Future

It’s been fading somewhat since the Walter Reed and US Attorneys scandals came to light, but the insanely early coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign is unprecedented in its ridiculousness. It’s not the fact that it’s being covered that bothers me. It’s an important election with a lot at stake. It’s the fact that the media is only covering the horse race aspects of it this far out.

It’s much easier to cover a campaign than perform real investigative journalism. Campaigns gladly spoon feed news to the media to get their message out. But these messages are almost always short on substance, and the media’s not about to get all “thinky” and put the races in context.

Blargh. I’m boring myself. I’ll ignore the presidential race for a while. I might change my mind if Hillary really does leave a corn-free log in Iowa.

One last item, don’t forget the BFW contest of absurdity.

Next Week: Game Shows That Don’t Exist, Yet

6 thoughts on “News of the Future”

  1. Tom Tomorrow did a similar comic few years ago (I think it was after the 1996 election) where Sparky made predictions on future elections.

    …not that I’m accusing you of ripping him off…

  2. The same issues are bound to come up in this comics business. That’s why I prefer to just make shit up and avoid the commentary.

    I don’t remember ’96 being covered as early as late ’94. But I was just a wee teenage dorklet at the time.

  3. This is a real good strip. Yellow-y boxes make it look nice.

    I like how in a lot of the polls they ask people who they will vote for, Hillary or Barack, simply ignoring the other candidates.

  4. Matt – I try to remember the yellow boxes for narration, but go into a massive retard-coma by the time I start coloring.

    Joem – That Hillary 1984 video was lame-tastic. I’d be more impressed if the Obamaphile who made it parodied a commercial that hasn’t been spoofed a gazillion times. My vote would be for that Quizno’s one with the Asian woman with the annoying laugh.

    Also, it only brought attention to the election because the news is lazy and enjoys conflict instead of issues.

  5. “Also, it only brought attention to the election because the news is lazy and enjoys conflict instead of issues.”

    Arrg, you’re right. When the news decides to cover people who actually matter (not celebrities and kidnapping victims), what do they do? They cover Hillary and Obama competing! Let’s see what they’re saying about each other!

    I like your word “thinky”.

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