Stanley Slobniak: Travel Agent

This cartoon makes me feel bad about everything that’s led up to this moment in my life. My apologies. So many things went wrong. If I fail to make amends next week, please stop reading this cartoon. That’ll learn me.

Next Week: El Mysterioso de Los Bumblebees

5 thoughts on “Stanley Slobniak: Travel Agent”

  1. No apologies required, I loved it (esp. dressing the savages). It’s hard to put my finger on why, but the last panel just really conveys some subtle body language that is very rare in comics.

    But, there’s a typo in five: “viles” should be “vials.” I’ll bet you can fix it before anyone sees.

  2. Eric – Consarnit! Thousands of alt-weekly readers already saw it. Me dumb. I’ll fix it next week and do some revisionist history on the site.

    Mikhaela – And I even tried to clean it up for these reference photos! I slicked it down with water, but by the time I got back upstairs, it was poofy again. I could’ve drawn normal hair on my head, but this cartoon didn’t inspire the extra work.

  3. Gabe – Mi espanol es retardioso. My high school Spanish teacher Senora Helfrich would be very disappointed in me if she saw this post. I don’t want to spoil the suspense, but I’m a Univision man, through and through. Telemundo is fo’ suckas!

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