A Visit From Frederick Krueger

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine plucked a lone white hair from my head. Angered by this act, my head decided to sprout a half dozen more. And who knows how many have already taken up residence on the back of my head.

I’m not troubled by this. Genetically, I knew this was going to start before my thirties. However, I would like the full changeover to white hair to happen as quickly as possible. This would only make my big, beautiful hair even better than ever. Thanks to Dash X from Eerie, Indiania, I think crazy white hair on a young-looking person is awesome.

So if you are a ghoul, please haunt my dreams. If it worked for Heather Langenkamp, it’ll work for me. And if you are a regular person, you have the go-ahead to try to scare me. But fair warning, I shriek like a wee little girl when startled.