Further Adventures in Oldness

I’d just like everyone to know the young whippersnappers in the apartment below mine are blasting some of the shittiest music known to man. Maroon 5. Seriously. Have they no shame? I’ll wait til 2 AM, then I’m putting on my old man pants and asking them to turn it down or get some better taste in music.

2 thoughts on “Further Adventures in Oldness”

  1. dude. as a random fan i advise you not to wait until 2am in the future. put them old man pants on and show up with a damn tire iron. or a waffle iron. whichever is closer. i don’t get where people have decided that music has to be blasting in order for it to serve its purpose.

    it’s only there to:
    1. avoid awkward silences
    2. show off for the people in the room
    3. personal enjoyment

    really loud music just makes you want to stop thinking, stop talking, or both. which hinders all of the above. allowances can be made for music that doesn’t suck, of course.

    but seriously, the odds of good music being blasted? not good, my friend. not good at all. better to keep those pants handy at the first sign of bass-thumping.

    stupid kids.

  2. Clockwork – You’re absolutely right. Conversation is the most important part of group activity. At least among groups who aren’t fucking assholes. The only thing you failed to recognize is that I’m a giant pussy and will only stand up for myself if a punch to the face is imminent.

    However, they’re at it again tonight. Two nights in a row is enough to make this tiny pussy uppity. I’d record tonight’s confrontation, but have decided that me yelling at them in my boxers is the most appropriate course of action.

    Lastly, there’s one caveat I can think of that could excuse their assholery: Our house is probably over 100 years old. Bass from shitty house music was not a housing hazard for the Victorians.

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