Friendly Fenway

The weather’s been miserable for what seems like weeks. I hate all of you who are gaining strength from the Earth’s yellow sun. So instead of trying and failing to be funny, here’s what made yesterday somewhat enjoyable for me:

As for actual baseball talk, they seem to be better than the team I was expecting this winter. Hopefully they’ll still be unshitty when I go to a game in July. And maybe, just maybe, the temperature will have cracked 70 by then.

Now I’m going to clean my bike whilst staring forlornly at the raindrops hitting the window.

2 thoughts on “Friendly Fenway”

  1. I live in the shadow of Wriggley Field, and this video still shocked me. I mean, I literally can’t escape from drunken tourists (ie, Cubs Fans) some nights… but I’ve never seen a food item thrown like that.

    That might be the funniest piece of pizza I’ve ever seen.

  2. I’ve been to the Wrigley bleachers once. Those drunks don’t have anything on Fenway boozers. Both parties in the pizza incident were hammered and the game started around noon on a Monday.

    Getting drunk at Fenway is too darn expensive and unpalatable. $6 Buds is no way to pickle one’s liver.

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